Authenticate Apache against JIRA

JIRA LogoA while back I explained in a post, how to setup Atlassian products behind an Apache with basic authentication using Apache's user base. Although that can be quite handy to separate the user bases in some cases, it can be really annoying for users to have to authenticate twice. Once against the Apache user base, and after that against Atlassian's. So I started to find out, how to get Apache to authenticate against Atlassian's user base only - namely JIRA. Continue reading...


Running JIRA and Confluence behind Apache with basic authentication

Since I'm a big fan of the Atlassian products like JIRA, Fisheye and Confluence, I bought my own private Starter Licenses over a year ago. Installed as separate Tomcat deployments on my root-server, I put them behind an Apache server and forwarded requests to the localhost-only listening Tomcats using mod_jk.

Now,  >12 months later, support expired and so no updates or security-patches will be available for my installations without license renewal. Fair enough. So I thought, it's time to restrict public access to my Atlassian products completely (even no start page) by just adding a basic auth to the Apache configuration. Oh, silly me :). Continue reading ...