Using barman without additional postgresql connection

Using barman for incremental postgresql backups can really make life easier. But one thing bothered me while setting it up: why is an additional postgresql database connection from the backup server needed although there's already an SSH account configured? I decided to take a deeper look into that problem. Continue reading...


Using barman to manage incremental postgresql backups

Recently I was searching for a way to avoid CPU peaks during backup of a production postgresql database. Until then, we used pg_dump to create single dumps for each database in the postgresql cluster. Everytime the backup was triggered, CPU load went up and sometimes also blocked new connections to the database for about 10-20 minutes because of that. Since we didn't want to loose too much of the current data in a disaster scenario, we performed the backup multiple times a day. Doing that with an approx. 1 GB database seemed overkill to me.

Then I came across the concept of incremental backups using postgresql. Continue reading...